Florida governor: "Novak Djokovic must play in Miami"

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Florida governor: "Novak Djokovic must play in Miami"
Florida governor: "Novak Djokovic must play in Miami"

Novak Djokovic is currently in the box on the ATP Tour and is certain he will not be able to take part in the first Master 1000 of the season in Indian Wells. The reason is not related to an injury but to the rules currently in force in the United States of America: in fact, all foreign travelers need the vaccine to enter the country.

The obligation thus did not allow the Serbian champion to fly to California and forced him to cancel himself from the entry list of the tournament, just a few hours before the draw. In two weeks the tour will land in Miami for another Masters 1000 and, if the regulations are not changed at the last minute, the Belgrade native will not be able to be at the starting line.

The governor of Florida recently spoke out on the situation and published a letter addressed to US President Joe Biden to urge the government to review the rules and allow the world number one to play.

Florida governor: "Novak Djokovic must play in Miami"

"The only thing preventing Novak Djokovic from participating in the Miami Open is the misleading and unscientific Covid-19 vaccination requirement for foreign travellers.

Mr. President, lift the restrictive measures and let him compete in the tournament," is the appeal of Ron De Santis. Nole has been living with this story practically since the 2022 Australian Open, which he has not been able to play even after a court trial: for this reason, the player has revised and adapted the programming of the sporting events in which to take part.

Despite these problems with the governments of various countries and also the unallocated points in the latest edition of Wimbledon (due to the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes), Djokovic was able to return to the top of the ATP ranking, thanks above all to the AO title won at the beginning of 2023, together with that of the ATP 250 in Adelaide.

In case he cannot fly to Florida, the Serbian will concentrate on preparing for the first competitions on clay: the first major event is scheduled in Monte Carlo (it will be a 1000) but one of the main objectives of the tennis player led by coach Goran Ivanisevic is it is of course the Roland Garros.

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