Aryna Sabalenka and the war in Ukraine: "It's not my fault"

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Aryna Sabalenka and the war in Ukraine: "It's not my fault"

Aryna Sabalenka, born in Minsk, was unable to play the third Grand Slam of the year in 2022. During the Media Day held in Indian Wells last Thursday, the Belarusian player said: "Honestly, I'm trying to stay away. Last year was very tough and I was really worried but it's a situation I can't control.

They will make their decision (About Wimbledon - ed.), but I am convinced that we will play there. I like the tournament, the atmosphere is incredible. I really hope they let us play. If not, there is nothing I could do. Before I really didn't know what to do and I thought it was my fault too.

Some people made me feel bad, but then I realized that everything that is happening is out of my control and I have done nothing wrong against the Ukrainians. Unfortunately, we are somewhat involved in all of this."

"It's not my fault" Aryna Sabalenka on the Ukrainian war

Sabalenka won her first Major at her Australian Open defeating Elena Rybakina in three sets in the final last January.

A success that could definitively unblock the Belarusian in the Grand Slam tournaments and project her into a new dimension: the one that belongs to the great champions. The Daily Mail and numerous British newspapers have launched an important indiscretion: Russians and Belarusians will be able to participate in the Wimbledon, this year.

The indiscretion has yet to be confirmed, but the British media have no doubts. The last edition of the Championships was unfortunately characterized by two very tough decisions: the first taken by the organizers of Wimbledon and the second by the ATP and the WTA.

The director of the All England Club, together with his team, has imposed a strict ban on Russians and Belarusians due to the war in Ukraine. To punish this choice, the ATP and WTA have well thought of not awarding points. In the next weeks should come more important updates about the issue.

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