Aryna Sabalenka: "There's tension in the Tour about the war, but..."


Aryna Sabalenka: "There's tension in the Tour about the war, but..."
Aryna Sabalenka: "There's tension in the Tour about the war, but..."

Aryna Sabalenka's 2023 has been nothing short of extraordinary so far. After the victory of the Australian Open, the Belarusian reached her third final of the season in Indian Wells and aims to consolidate her world number two ranking.

Aryna said about the war: "Last year I struggled a lot, both with the serve and with other situations. I can handle myself and I understand how to play the right tennis. Now, whatever happens, I just have to play my best tennis and that's how things are now.

Tsurenko's withdrawal and the tension of war? I can't control other people's emotions but I think WTA is doing the best. It's true there is great tension between all of us, but I'm still convinced that neither me nor the other Russian tennis players have done anything wrong.

I think the WTA is supporting both parties well." In the semis, the tennis player beat the Greek Maria Sakkari and Aryna made the following statements at the press conference: "I'm really happy with all this, it seems crazy.

Maria is a great fighter and the matches against her are very tough, that's why I'm happy of this victory. Match started late? For a second at first I thought something was going wrong, but in the end it didn't! Things like that can happen, you just have to relax.

I'm glad she didn't touch my game. This year I am able to control myself and keeping calm has helped me in situations like these. No matter what happens, I just have to express my best tennis. Goals? I don't know, I just focus on myself and see the game constantly improving.

I want to continue like this and continue to win. Easy to get to the final? I understand there is understanding of seeing me as a favourite, but getting to the final is never easy. I like not having total attention on me and I prefer to move it to the things I want to do.

I keep working hard, I know it won't always be like this but now all this is great, it's great to be among the best. The final? Whatever happens, it will be an extraordinary match and I can't wait to play this match. The victory over Iga at the Finals changed something but I am aware that my best tennis will always be needed to beat her."