Carlos Alcaraz: To recover the No. 1 is crazy for me

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Carlos Alcaraz: To recover the No. 1 is crazy for me
Carlos Alcaraz: To recover the No. 1 is crazy for me (Provided by Financial World)

As a result of his win over Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Indian Wells tournament, Carlos Alcaraz once again became the number one player. The Spaniard could not hide his emotions after such an important victory over a strong opponent.

"It means a lot to me," Alcaraz said, as quoted by "To recover the No. 1 [ranking] is crazy for me. Especially to lift the trophy here, for me, means a lot... I love this tournament. I really enjoy my time here, and of course, I felt the love from the people from day one.

For me, it's amazing to complete these 10 days like this. It feels amazing to lift the trophy here. I would say this has been the perfect tournament. It was good for me, [at] this tournament that I really wanted to win, and for me, it's amazing." Although the conditions were bad, Alcaraz was up to par and showed what talent he is.

"Of course, winning a tournament, it gives you a lot of confidence," he continued.
"I'm playing great. Of course, today, the conditions today were pretty tough. Of course, Daniil didn't play at his best, obviously.
All I can say is, I'm really happy with my performance, the way that I [was] playing at this tournament.

I'm looking forward to playing this level in Miami as well."

Daniil Medvedev and his reaction

Daniil Medvedev also decided to joke about the courts at Indian Wells at the end of the tournament. During the whole tournament he complained about them, but he is still satisfied with his tournament and how everything went.

"I had a pretty toxic relationship here with the courts, a love-hate relationship," Medvedev said. "So I'd like to thank the court!
I only played on this court. I gave it a hard time so it gave me a hard time also. Rolled the ankle, the thumb...

but it gave me the chance to finish the tournament. Thanks a lot to this court, I'll definitely be back.
I really love this tournament, I'll be happy to come back many more years to come and hopefully I can start to love this court and Indian Wells together.
Sorry I didn't make this final entertaining.

I tried, I don't like to lose, but today was unfortunately pretty easy. I hope you still enjoyed it."

Carlos Alcaraz