Martina Navratilova os cancer-free!

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Martina Navratilova os cancer-free!
Martina Navratilova os cancer-free! (Provided by Financial World)

It was 2013 when the former champion Martina Navratilova was diagnosed with cancer and always in the breast, only to find herself fighting it again last January. This time, however, a second beating she had received, because a cancer was also present in her throat.

But even today, as then, as a true warrior, she has taken the situation head on. "This double blow is really serious but it is something that can be fixed. I hope that in the end all this has a favorable outcome. Of course it's going to be tough at first, but I'll fight with everything I've got." Already ten years ago Navratilova had to deal with the tumor and Martina recalled that on that occasion she didn't let herself get discouraged, she burst into tears for only 15 seconds but immediately afterwards asked her doctor: "Now what do we do? What will be the next step." Navratilova then explained that she will have to undergo a further two weeks of treatment before the disease is completely eradicated, but this time too, fortunately, she won.

Martina Navratilova os cancer-free

Recently she won the most important triumph of all: the one against cancer. Not long ago, Navratilova was diagnosed with two cancers, one in her throat and one in her breast, which had thrown her into total panic, she told Piers Morgan on TalkTV.

Now, though, she can smile, knowing she's defeated them both: "As far as doctors know, I'm cancer-free." The Czech-American had also planned to adopt a child with his current wife Julia Lemigova, only to postpone everything about her when she learned of the health problems.

She explained: "I was in total panic for three days thinking I might not see next Christmas. I came up with a wish list of all the things I wanted to do, I know this sounds really superficial, but what I thought at the time was: What amazing car do I really want to drive if I only have one year left to live?” Navratilova also recounted her condition during rounds of chemotherapy and proton therapy, which she said was easily the hardest thing she has ever done.