Anastasia Potapova responds to criticism: "I had no political intentions"

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Anastasia Potapova responds to criticism: "I had no political intentions"
Anastasia Potapova responds to criticism: "I had no political intentions" (Provided by Financial World)

This has been the case in recent weeks, one of the last that has seen tennis collide with the war in Ukraine: we are talking about the case of Anastasia Potapova. The Russian tennis player has been the object of criticism, especially by some of her colleagues, and of measures by the WTA for having entered the field, in Indian Wells, with the shirt of Spartak Moscow, the first soccer team of the Russian capital.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, the young Russian explained the reasons that led her to wear this particular shirt, which brought her a warning from the WTA. She told: "There was no political intention in this shirt. I've just been a huge Spartak fan since I was ten years old.

My father built part of the stadium for this team, so it's part of our family history. I was very surprised because there were no bad intentions." The Russian tennis player adds: "I dream of playing Wimbledon because it is one of my favorite parts of the season.

I can only pray for it and hope so. If we can compete there, I will be very happy."

Marta Kostyuk's attack

Her opponent in the second round of the Miami Open, the Ukrainian Marta Kostyuk, is not of the same opinion. The two tennis players did not shake hands at the end of the match, as might have been supposed, but the Ukrainian tennis player did not limit herself to the gesture.

She attacked the WTA, precisely with regard to that shirt worn by Potapova in the Californian desert. "We wanted a meeting with the WTA Council, but we didn't get any confrontation. There was no response, only silence. I think in a meeting we could talk about what is happening.

There are many things I don't agree with the WTA on, that won't change anything," said Kostyuk, who then commented on the Potapova case. Then she added: "Talking about it, I would only receive more hate on social media. Whatever she says…she's got a warning, but you could give her a suspension. Can't comment really. Is very funny."