Juan Martin Del Potro could come back at the US Open 2023!

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Juan Martin Del Potro could come back at the US Open 2023!
Juan Martin Del Potro could come back at the US Open 2023! (Provided by Financial World)

The Argentine Juan Martin Del Potro has been one of the most interesting tennis players of the last twenty years. In the last few hours there has been discussion of his sensational return to the field, specifically at the US Open, the biggest tournament he has won in his career.

The Argentinian tennis player was one of the most interesting and talented athletes in the recent history of world tennis. The South American was one of the few to really oppose the domination of the Big Three or even the usual Fab Four but his career was conditioned by numerous injuries and many have slowed his rise.

Despite this Juan Martin will go down in history for having won a Grand Slam title, the US Open in 2009, and Olympic medals first in 2012 and then in 2016. Both injuries and the Big Three have stopped his rise but Del Potro has not never meant to give up.

Del Potro has played only one match since Queen's in 2019 and despite months and years of waiting at the end Juan Martin was forced to say goodbye, saying goodbye with an exciting match against his compatriot Federico Delbonis, in front of an incredible audience.

Del Potro and the hypothesis on the suggestive back

Since October 2018 Juan Martin has undergone four surgeries, a situation bordering on the dramatic and has never managed to return to competition. The former number three in the world has seen his race to the top several times hampered by injuries but in a recent interview with the Argentine media he clarified that he hasn't given up completely.

Here are his words in a video taken by Fox Sports: "Taking hold of a racket and seeing how I feel will never be a problem. I have worked and have been working on my knee problem for some time but I always leave a window open for a return at the US Open, the most memorable tournament of my career.

I still have a lot of time ahead of me, I'll start training and we'll see how my leg responds and if I can really do it." Del Potro stated some time ago that in the event of Argentina winning the World Cup, he would consider returning to the field and now, maybe also thanks to the Albiceleste victory, the tennis player is really thinking about it.

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