Boris Becker, life after prison: "I'm humbler and smarter

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Boris Becker, life after prison: "I'm humbler and smarter
Boris Becker, life after prison: "I'm humbler and smarter (Provided by Financial World)

The tennis successes and life in prison of Boris Becker arrive in a documentary: Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker, an Apple product that will aim to tell the most important stages in the life of the German champion. Present the story of his career, from Grand Slam titles to the top of the ranking, but part of the documentary will focus on the last few years, characterized by an important turning point: prison.

Becker was, in fact, sentenced to two and a half years in prison for fraudulent bankruptcy. Part of these years were served at the toughest prison in the UK. On the occasion of the presentation of the documentary, the German tennis player gave an interview in which he recounted his experience of him.

He explained: "In prison I learned to accept my mistakes. Even in tennis the hardest thing is to forget mistakes and missed opportunities, but not everyone is able to do it, only champions start from scratch. In the cell I also understood that I had made mistakes, but I paid for them, and at a high price.

Today I am certainly more humble, perhaps even more intelligent."

Boris Becker, life after prison: "I'm humbler and smarter

In the story, Becker points out that the great mental strength is not the fruit of experience in England, but comes from the past.

He said: "As a tennis player, I realized that I had to better control my emotions, be less impulsive. Tennis is a very logical sport. You don't win a game by luck or surprise. If you follow the rules, and are physically fit, you win more games than you lose.

Forms of racism? Many, I met real Nazis. I almost took a lot of punches, but in the end they let me be." On CNN, Becker bluntly described one of the toughest moments of his life. "I watched a couple of movies beforehand just to prepare myself a bit, but I didn't expect it like this.

It's very scary. It's a real punishment. The only currency you have is your character and your personality, literally, and you better make friends with the strong guys because you need protection, you need a group of people to take care of you" .

In an interview with German TV Sat1 he added: "They tried to kill me. I've learned to live in the present, because you don't know what you'll find around the corner next week. I think this was the most important lesson for me."

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