Feliciano Lopez: 'I'm worried about Nadal'

The legendary Spanish champion Rafael Nadal is experiencing one of the most delicate moments of his career

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Feliciano Lopez: 'I'm worried about Nadal'

Rafael Nadal is experiencing one of the most delicate moments of his career. His expert colleague Feliciano Lopez talked about this and much more in a long interview. The tennis player from Toledo will face perhaps the last match of his career in the ATP tournament in Barcelona, but he also talked about other issues, such as Rafael Nadal's condition.

The Majorcan is grappling with constant physical problems and postpones his come back, week after week. Feliciano Lopez talked about the future of Spanish tennis and clarified: "After having Rafa who is the best tennis player in history, in a country where we are certainly not a world power, the arrival of Alcaraz is a real miracle.

Then we have Davidovich Fokina and many interesting youngsters, like Landaluce. Then let's be realistic, I don't think that in 15 years we will reap the same successes as in the last 10-15 years, I don't want to belittle anyone but it's the reality.

Nadal? He worries me mostly as a friend. On a tennis level he aims to be competitive at Roland Garros, but I'm worried about him above all as a friend. He has won throughout his career and being in this situation is not easy.

People are waiting for him, I hope he comes back to Madrid. What he's going through hurts me, just like Roger Federer who retired without being able to play. It certainly wasn't the farewell he wanted in the Laver Cup".

Lopez on his last matches

Lopez then said: "It's a joy to end my career in a tournament like this, a tournament that I consider really special.

I'm a little nervous because I want to do well but I've been preparing well since I decided that I would only play 4 tournaments. I want to feel good on the court, I already had positive sensations in Acapulco and to tell the truth, I didn't expect it.

I'm going for 42, but sometimes I'm afraid I'm not competitive with the current level of tennis. The match against Goffin? All the challenges I play this season are a gift, I know they will be the last of my career and I won't be able to feel these kinds of emotions anymore.

I want to be competitive against Goffin, regardless of the match won or lost. It's a difficult game but now everyone is ready."

Spanish Rafael Nadal