Uncle Toni: "Rafael Nadal is recovering for Roland Garros"

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Uncle Toni: "Rafael Nadal is recovering for Roland Garros"
Uncle Toni: "Rafael Nadal is recovering for Roland Garros" (Provided by Financial World)

Rafael Nadal's prolonged absence from the circuit obviously leaves many questions from fans of the Spaniard, tennis fans and insiders. The Manacor bull is far from the playing fields by now from the Australian Open when he suffered the umpteenth injury of his career.

The twenty-one times slam winner, in a post on his social networks, had declared that he was not ready yet and thus skipped the Madrid Open, a tournament that has seen him triumph five times in his career. Speaking of the Spanish capital, Toni Nadal has also arrived in these days and took the opportunity to give an interview to RTVE, naturally speaking of his nephew, also providing some reassurances on the return of the Majorcan.

Hew told: "Rafael is recovering, I don't think he's far from being able to compete again, but in the tournament here he wasn't able to do it. This is one of the tournaments he is most excited to play, but we will have to wait another year." Subsequently, the current trainer of Auger-aliasse also declared that it will be difficult to see Rafael Nadal in better shape than him at Roland Garros: "Obviously he will not arrive at Roland Garros with good preparation, we must not delude ourselves.

Since January 10th he hasn't played any matches, it's been quite some time without competing, before Australia he hasn't played many matches, but Nadal picks up the pace straight away and in a Grand Slam it depends a lot on the draw.

If you are lucky enough to have an affordable draw in the early rounds, then anything can happen."

The first week will br crucial for his Slam

Indeed, for Toni, the key will be whether Nadal gets through the first week, and if he does, he will consider him one of the favorites to win.

"I've said this many times when I've been interviewed. Nadal is already the favorite in the second week. Lately in the first few weeks it's not, like it wasn't last year in Australia, but from the second week onwards we can count on him," he explained.

Even though it's hard to imagine Nadal winning Roland Garros right now, everyone including the Spaniard's family is hoping for it: "His family and he dream of it and I think he has the mindset to get it."

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