Bjorn Borg: "Rafael Nadal won't go to Roland Garros if he's not fit"

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Bjorn Borg: "Rafael Nadal won't go to Roland Garros if he's not fit"
Bjorn Borg: "Rafael Nadal won't go to Roland Garros if he's not fit" (Provided by Financial World)

Rafael Nadal is facing a difficult period. After suffering an ilium psoas injury during the second round of the Australian Open against Mackenzie McDonald on January 18, Rafa was forced to sit out of competition for around four months.

Furthermore, the injury caused him to miss his favorite season, the one on clay. The Mallorcan has already had to give up the various tournaments in Montecarlo, Barcelona and Madrid, and recently announced his withdrawal from the Rome Internationals.

At the moment, his return to the Roland Garros is not safe, and Bjorn Borg's words seem to confirm it. In a recent interview with Eurosport, the legendary Swedish tennis player said that Nadal won't play the French Open if he isn't fit.

Borg explained: "Rafa is a good friend of mine. I know he's been struggling with his body for a long time. Unfortunately we won't see him play in Rome, but we want to see him in France. If he's not fit, he won't go." Despite Nadal's difficult situation, the Spanish tennis player seems to be looking at it with optimism and determination.

In a recent interview, he said: "I'm working hard to get back to my best level. I hope to be able to get back on the pitch soon and compete to the best of my ability." Meanwhile, another Spanish tennis player is attracting the attention of tennis fans.

Carlos Alcaraz, a young talent of just 20 years, is making headlines for his extraordinary performances on the pitch. After this week, Alcaraz will confirm world number two, aiming for world number one. According to Bjorn Borg, he will stay there for many years.

"The way he plays and moves I like everything about him playing him. He has no weaknesses,” Borg said. Despite Nadal's difficulties, it seems that the future of Spanish tennis is still very promising, with young talents like Alcaraz ready to take the place of the great champions.

Will it be Rafa at the Roland Garros 2023?

Nadal's uncle, and former coach, is instead confident of his nephew's return to the French Open. Rafa Nadal would in fact be ready to return to the field for Roland Garros. These are the words of his uncle, Toni, who recently gave an interview to MARCA radio.

Although the Spanish champion was forced to miss some tournaments due to a foot injury, his uncle said he is confident that his nephew will participate in the French Open. However, his performance on the pitch will depend on the coming weeks of preparation and his expectations.

"He would like to compete right now but he's not ready yet. Not long now, he's getting ready to play in Paris although what expectations he gets there will determine the next few weeks," declared Toni.

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