Craig Tiley gives a great update on Rafael Nadal's come back

The CEO of the Australian Open talked about the presence of the Spaniard in Melbourne

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Craig Tiley gives a great update on Rafael Nadal's come back
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Not long left, the countdown has already begun. 2024 will be the year of Rafael Nadal's return to the court, as well as, as he himself announced, the last on the circuit for the tennis player from Manacor. There is so much curiosity about the date of the return of the 22-time Slam champion, who recently declared that he feels well and is at a good point in his rehabilitation, but that he is not yet ready to compete.

Although the Spaniard denied the official presence of him at the Australian Open, the director of the Australian Slam Craig Tiley, in a Reuters interview, assured everyone that the Spaniard will show up at the Rod Laver Arena.

Craig Tiley's statements

Tiley said he was quite convinced of the presence of the Majorcan tennis player at the first slam of the year. "Rafa trained, I followed him closely, practically every day, because he is a big attraction for our tournament.

Rafa wants to play, it's obvious that he intends to come here. It all depends on how he feels. I hope that next week or in two weeks we will have an official confirmation of his presence. I have the certainty that Rafa will be here, because he will not want to miss the opportunity to repeat what he did in Australia two years ago," assured the tournament director.

Tiley then also talked about home favorite Nick Kyrgios, who has been plagued by injuries and has only appeared on court a couple of times in 2023. “We spoke to Nick, who obviously wants to do everything he can to have the chance to compete and play in the tournament of January.

Whatever he does, whether it's playing or anything else, it's clear we'll be counting on Nick in January. It would be great if he could play, but we have to take things as they come and he has to make sure he takes care of his health, which comes first," said Tiley, who hopes to see the Australian tennis player back on court soon, a guarantee of spectacle and entertainment.

The Davis Cup Finals are underway in Malaga, an event that will close the 2023 season of the circuit, but the thoughts of fans are already projected towards the season to come.

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