Andrey Rublev shares a massive praise for Novak Djokovic: "He always plays better"

The Russian champion praised the quality shown by the Serbian, despite his 36 years

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Andrey Rublev shares a massive praise for Novak Djokovic: "He always plays better"
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Andrey Rublev closed the 2023 season very well on the ATP Tour, also climbing to 5th place in the world rankings. In an interview with Championat, the Russian tennis player practically declared eternal love for the sport that he has been practicing for several years: "There is never a moment when I feel tired of this sport, I can't get tired of tennis.

I think I understand reality quite well, I understand how difficult every job is. Half of the people can't find it and they don't have a chance to win money. That's why I don't get tired of tennis from a moral point of view: I get tired physically when I play consecutive tournaments."

Rublev shares beautiful words for Djokovic

The Russian player also focused on why Novak Djokovic continues to dominate in the most important tournaments despite his advancing age: "First of all he serves in a spectacular way: he sends the ball everywhere with great precision.

If the court is fast, it is almost impossible to return the serve. Furthermore, his second serve is also powerful. He moves spectacularly and is always focused. It seems like you're playing on par with him, but at a certain point he changes gear, starts playing at your speed and not missing a single ball.

You can have a short ball, you attack it, but Novak guesses where the ball goes and passes to you. It happened to me many times against him. When both are under pressure, Novak almost always plays better than you, because he knows what you want to do." Among the objectives for next year are to reach the quarter-finals in a Slam: "The absence of Nole on my side of the scoreboard doesn't seem to be enough (laughing). Against Daniil at the US Open I didn't give enough on a mental level!"

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