Grigor Dimitrov shares a brutal revelation about Roger Federer

The Bulgarian, finalist at the Miami Open, spoke on the Swiss Maestro

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Grigor Dimitrov shares a brutal revelation about Roger Federer
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Grigor Dimitrov talked about the Swiss Maestro Roger Federer, during the press conference held following the Miami Open final, lost against the young Italian Jannik Sinner.

The Bulgarian tennis player expressed himself on the positive aspects at the end of a tournament in which he expressed a very high level of tennis and with which he must be satisfied. It could have been an opportunity exploited if an overflowing player like Sinner hadn't been in his path.

However, he is not the toughest opponent the Bulgarian has faced in his career. In fact, Dimitrov revealed how Roger Federer was the most difficult tennis player to face.

"The toughest player I ever faced in his prime was Roger Federer. It was a lot of fun actually. I remember a few times, even at Wimbledon, where I wanted to dig a hole and disappear. Afterwards, I didn't have that feeling against anyone. He's probably the tennis player I suffered the most with," he revealed.

Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov
Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov© Elsa / Staff Getty Images Sport

The 32-year-old has reached the important milestone of returning to the top 10.

"All these victories in the last 7-8 months are the reason why I came back. It's something that makes me very happy. But for me now it starts to be even more interesting to find a way to make things difficult for some of these young people. I've played against so many different generations and I always feel like I have to adapt or learn something from others," he said.

Dimitrov analyzed his performance in Miami

Then he wanted to underline some factors that are very important to him: "I try to put myself in the best situation to win, but also to enjoy the journey.

You are your own critic, your own best friend, your own teacher at times. I also want to thank myself for the work I've done, for the discipline, the hard hours, the pain, for everything we go through that you can't see.

We must also recognize it, appreciate it. It's something that makes you a better person. My mother always told me that before being a great champion you have to be a great person. It's something I've always focused on since I was a kid," he explained.

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