Craig O'Shannessy to Novak Djokovic: "You have to get vaccinated!"

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Craig O'Shannessy to Novak Djokovic: "You have to get vaccinated!"

Be the best in history or give up professional tennis? It may sound silly, but given the circumstances in the world in the midst of a pandemic, it seems that Novak Djokovic does not have many choices. If he does not receive the vaccine, the question is whether he will be able to play in the biggest tournaments in the world.

Not only in this year 2022 but also in the future. That's why his former coach Craig O'Shannessy is appealing: Novak, get vaccinated. "Man, I really hope so. He will have to decide quickly. If he doesn't get vaccinated, I don't know where he will play, it's that simple," Craig O'Shannessy said on KIIS FM radio.

He honestly thinks so. Not only because he worked with Novak, but also because he believes that Djokovic is not even close to the end of his career, and he has yet to surpass Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the number of Grand Slam titles won.

Novak Djokovic anti-vacccine

He was supposed to chase a record 21 in Melbourne, but he was deported by the Australian authorities because he did not receive the vaccine, under the explanation that he was spreading the anti-vaccine mantra.

"If you look at his body, his age, there is still a lot of material. He is one of the most prepared people on the planet. He is insanely healthy, he takes care of his body every day." "He has a physiotherapist, a fitness trainer.

There are still kilometers to pass on the court. More titles and more records. There is no sense in giving up all that," Craig O'Shannessy points out when he is considered one of the greatest experts when it comes to the analysis of tennis strategy.

He cooperated with Novak for three years, during which Djokovic won four Grand Slam titles. And he knows very well what the world's first racket can do. "You are where you are. That is what can be done. And people want to watch him play.

Serbs, Australians, we all want him on the field. He is a brilliant tennis player, he is also a good guy. He should take all those things into consideration when he decides," O'Shannessy said. Novak may not like it. But more and more, there seems to be no other choice.

And it would be nice, we all know that if he could really give them all back on the field for this harassment at the Australian Open. Unfortunately for Novak Djokovic, if he wants to do that, it seems that he will have to be vaccinated.