Roger Federer resumes training!

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Roger Federer resumes training!
Roger Federer resumes training!

The 20-time winner of Grand Slam titles Roger Federer has been struggling with constant injuries for two years now and at the age of 40, there are also doubts about his return to the field at full capacity. In November 2021, Roger talked after yet another operation and even expressed doubts about the possibility of returning to the field, in particular of returning to the field to play the one tournament where he's been the most successful: Wimbledon.

But now the news is as interesting as it is good. According to reports from the Swiss journalist of the state TV RTS Arnaud Cerutti, the Swiss Maestro trained last week in Dubai and would have tried to test his conditions, even evaluating if he could play a training set with members of his staff of he.

The source is important as it has always been very close to the entourage of the Swiss champion and this can only make all Roger fans and tennis fans smile broadly.

Roger Federer's come back

In 2021, the Swiss champion Roger Federer returned to the field after months of absence.

The Swiss champion played a few tournaments, beginning at the Qatar Open in Doha. His last tournament was Wimbledon, where he reached the quarters. Here, despite a suboptimal condition and evident physical problems, he also managed to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament where he succumbed to the Polish tennis player Hubert Hurkacz, winner in three sets on a Roger in clear and evident physical difficulties.

Roger Federer is together with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic one of the members of the Big Three, 60 Slam with 20 each and the three tennis players have long been fighting to establish themselves in the circuit and in history as the GOAT and the tennis legend.

Right now the whole tennis world is concentrated in Australia where the Australian Open 2022 is taking place, the first Grand Slam tournament of the season. In addition to the case of Novak Djokovic who made a lot of noise and which led to the farewell of the number one seed, excluded after receiving the refusal of the visa by the Australian government, another great absentee is the Swiss champion Roger Federer.

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