The OFFICIAL reasons for Novak Djokovic's Australian expulsion

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The OFFICIAL reasons for Novak Djokovic's Australian expulsion

The Novak Djokovic's issue held court for several weeks before the final decision last Sunday by the Australian government, which opted for the cancellation of the Serbian champion's visa and consequent expulsion from the country.

As a result, the world no. 1, who was trying to win his defend his 2021 title and win his 10th title in Melbourne was forced to give up without having played one match at the Australian Open. A little while ago, the Federal Court published the long 106-page document explaining the reasons that led to this final decision.

"An iconic world tennis star can influence people of all ages, young or old, but perhaps especially the young and the most influential, leading them to emulation. This is not a fantasy, no proof is needed. The Court does not analyze the merits or the wisdom of the decision, the task is to assess whether the decision falls within the limits of the law." This small excerpt from the long communiqué is perhaps the most important as it clearly explains the final decision James Allsop, the head of the three-judge panel of the Federal Court, made.

Here are the OFFICIAL reasons for Novak Djokovic's Australian expulsion

The Serbian tennis player, who had received a medical exemption to participate in the Australian Open, had his visa revoked on two occasions. After winning the appeal for the first time, the twenty-time slam champion had once again undergone the cancellation of his visa and this time by the Minister for Immigration Alex Hawke due to "actual or even potential threats inherent in the issue of public order, health and of security towards citizens." Novak Djokovic's lawyers had based their defense mainly on three points: the Serbian's views on vaccines in a BBC interview over a year ago, the fact that his presence could be a risk to order and public health.

in Australia and finally for the irrationality of visa cancellation. The judges, however, had rejected this thesis of the defense lawyers, declaring that the law entrusts the minister with the power of revocation if it is to protect health, safety and public order. Now he waits to see if there will be an answer from the number one in the world.