Djokovic buys 80% of a company that develops virus treatments

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Djokovic buys 80% of a company that develops virus treatments

The Australian Federal Court has decided to make public the reasons that led to the cancellation of the visa initially granted to Novak Djokovic. The Serbian champion, after a long procedural battle, had to leave Australia and lost the chance to defend the title he won last year at the Australian Open.

According to the Federal Court, the risk of emulation would have been too high. "An iconic tennis star can influence people of all ages, but especially the young and the most suggestible, and push them to emulate him. This is not a fantasy, no proof is needed." The other important reasons concern the choice to undergo the vaccine, the defense of public order and the lack of consideration of prevention measures against COVID-19.

"As of January 2022, Djokovic is not vaccinated. The minister has every chance to conclude that for a year he has chosen not to get vaccinated. The fact that he had a reason not to get vaccinated now, having contracted Covid around December 16, 2021, says nothing about his position over the previous many months.

Djokovic could have increased anti-vaccine sentiment, not only that of anti-vax groups but also of those who are simply undecided whether to get vaccinated or not."

Novak Djokovic buys 80% of a company that develops COVID-19 treatments

Now, new rumors have emerged about the affair.

As stated by CEO Ivan Loncarevic to the Reuters news agency, Djokovic bought 80% of QuantBioRes. It is a Danish biotechnology company, whose main task is to develop a cure for Covid-19. The Belgrade-native chose to invest in this company as early as 2020 and not following his expulsion from Australia, as many media have wanted their readers to believe.

Eleven researchers are expected to be involved in the project in Denmark, Australia and Slovenia. Their goal is closely related to the development of a peptide that prevents the virus from infecting the cell. Meanwhile, Interview by Onda Cero at the end of the match won against Yannick Hanfmann, Rafael Nadal returned to express his opinion on the story: "I have always said that I respect everyone's opinion.

The opinions that Djokovic and I have on vaccines are very different. The numbers tell us that many people have died as a result of the pandemic. It is true that the vaccine arrived much faster than expected and I understand that there are people who have doubts.

We still don't know 100%. However, we know very well the effects that the virus has on people. If we hadn't been vaccinated, the death toll would have been higher. I try to follow people who are prepared on this issue. I want Djokovic to participate in as many tournaments as possible, because I like to see the best and Nole is one of them. "