Novak Djokovic would $4.3 million damages from Australia!

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Novak Djokovic would $4.3 million damages from Australia!
Novak Djokovic would $4.3 million damages from Australia!

In the end he got the worst of it with a very tough provision, but he has no desire to give up. The final decision on the Novak Djokovic's issue was very heavy for the player himself, who had to renounce participation in the Australian Open and currently will not be able to enter the oceanic country for the next three years (negotiations and reduction, if not cancellation, are not excluded.

, of this particular aspect). The Serbian championcsuffered one of the biggest defeats of his entire career, due to the various consequences it brought, and risks having compromised part of the entire 2022 season: first of all he was unable to take part in the first Grand Slam and therefore has already gave up the chance to try again the Major titles poker touched last year.

Added to this is that the Belgrade native is not sure to finish the month of January at the top of the ATP ranking, given that a final victory of the Russian Daniil Medvedev or the German Alexander Zverev would make him climb to second, third position in the standings (Nole will lose the 2000 points related to the 2021 success in Melbourne).

Novak Djokovic would like compensation from Australia!

"He could have fed the 'crowd' of no vax people." This is one of the reasons that led the Court to confirm the cancellation of the visa of the current number one in the world, who will not give up even in this circumstance and is studying a counter-move.

With the 34-year-old's chance to play fading, it was thought that the case would mostly be closed but it does not seem to be so: Djokovic, with the help of his lawyers, would be considering the option of claiming damages from Australia.

to the figure of 4.3 million dollars. The main issue on which we would like to raise the question relates to the conditions in which Novak was detained in the center for irregular immigrants, also in Melbourne. Several Serbian media reports on the indiscretion, which continue to closely follow the question concerning their favorite, which was received very well by his people upon their return from the Oceanic territory.

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