Grigor Dimitrov; New girlfriend and ex-girlfriends

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Grigor Dimitrov; New girlfriend and ex-girlfriends

Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov has built the image of a playboy over the years but has now decided to take one relationship to the next level. Over the years, Grigor Dimitrov has been in a relationship with the famous singer Nicole Scherzinger, but also with the beautiful Russian Maria Sharapova.

In fact, he is one of the reasons why the Russian woman is not on good terms with Serena Williams because Dimitrov was in a romantic relationship with her as well. However, he decided to end his boyhood days and trust Lolita Osmanova.

This Russian beauty boasted about the ring on social networks, and she comes from a very rich family. Last year, she cheered him on from the stands in Vienna, and later it was determined that she was the 25-year-old daughter of the Russian businessman and oligarch Eldar Osmanov, who is a co-owner of the holding "Mezhregionsoyenergo".

Lolita works as the executive director of "Luxury International Magazine", and she was once married to Gaspar Avdolian. Their wedding cost 10 million dollars at the Los Angeles Dolby Theater, where the Oscars are traditionally reflected.

That Dimitrov is serious in his intention to sail into marriage waters is also testified by the fact that he took her home to Bulgaria, and after that, he traveled to Switzerland for the 250 tournaments on clay in Geneva.

Sharapova about their relationship

Sharapova also explained earlier how she met the Bulgarian tennis player. "I googled" Grigor to find out how old he is. Let's see if he's a legal, legal adult at all? Hmm, twenty-one years.

Barely. I gave him my email address." "I remember noticing a kid walking through a Wimbledon village, tall, dry, and wearing a smile that showed he knew how good he looked. I remember saying to my coach, "Thank God he's not my generation," that would be dangerous." "Dangerously disturbing.

A few emails were exchanged later and Dimitrov asked me for my phone number. Messages turned into phone calls, Skype calls. It was very simple and beautiful." "I didn’t think much about it until one conversation. He called me 30 seconds later and said, I'm sorry, but I missed your voice. Can we talk for a few more minutes," Sharapova said years earlier about the relationship.