Why did Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic break up?

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Why did Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic break up?

Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic were a couple that attracted a lot of media attention and were quite interesting for all tennis fans. However, although quite a happy relationship, at first sight, it turned out that Dominic Thiem and Kristina Mladenovic ended their story together and continued living without each other.

Dominic Thiem also decided to reveal to the public why the breakup occurred; “A girl implies commitment, time and concentration." At the moment Dominic Thiem has no plan to start a new relationship, and his love life is in the background "At the moment I'm not looking for a partner even if I obviously don't close at all.

I am sure that in the future you will see a girl in the stands again to cheer for me. "- Dominic Thiem said, as quoted by tennisworldusa Many things were written on the matter. "In reality everything was very simple; we both realized that we didn’t get along as a player and coach.

We saw things differently and we decided to end the relationship. There were no problems. "

Dominic Thiem dedicate himself to tennis

Yet Dominic Thiem seems happy and is aware that he has to continue his journey and dedicate himself to some other things, this time tennis.

"Everything that happened was very positive. I managed to make a qualitative leap and I approached once again my main goal: to win a Grand Slam tournament. In Australia my concentration did not decrease at any time and it was totally different from the past.

I think I can still improve and I will work to make this happen. " Kristina Mladenovic has not commented on this break-up, whether it is because Dominic hurt her or something else, we still don't know, but it seems that Thiem has set some other priorities for himself. The question is when they will both find new partners and who will be their new partners.