Flavia Pennetta: "I don't think Djokovic will get vaccinated in the future"

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Flavia Pennetta: "I don't think Djokovic will get vaccinated in the future"

The Novak Djokovic's issue continues to make the tennis world discuss inside and outside. The Serbian champion was ousted from Australia and consequently from the Australian Open after a tough legal battle that saw him protagonist.

First in Australia they granted him medical exemption and then they denied it to him with Nole who on the other hand has always refused the possibility of carrying out the vaccine for COVID-19. The former tennis champion Flavia Pennetta, wife among other things of the Ligurian tennis player Fabio Fognini (currently engaged in the quarter-finals in the men's doubles in Australia), talked about Nole's situation and stated that, in her opinion, the tennis player does not will do the vaccine despite the risk of having to miss other major tournaments.

Pennetta's words about Novak Djokovic

Speaking to the microphones of Corriere della Sera, the former Italian champion said: "I have no idea how he will be able to play in tournaments where the vaccine is mandatory, but I doubt he will get vaccinated now.

He will remain true to himself, perhaps even more so than before. For the unvaccinated, however, from now on it will be hellish. I also have other friends besides Novak Djokovic who are not vaccinated, but I'm for the freedom of choice instead they treat him like a criminal.

We are talking about a 34-year-old man who has overturned the hierarchies of tennis history. Novak and I have an excellent relationship, we are friends and I also have a good relationship with Edoardo Artaldi and Elena Cappellaro, his two agents, really two good people." What would I tell him about what happened in Australia? "Well, I would tell him that he was crazy, instead of him he could have stayed at home with his wife and children.

It would have been better not to challenge Australia, a country that absolutely does not share the ideas of No Vax. It would have been better not to go there." Flavia Pennetta continued stating that at the same time she was aware that Novak Djokovic would have taken this choice because we are talking about a person with very clear ideas and well-defined values.