IOC recommends banning Russia and Belarus from the competition


IOC recommends banning Russia and Belarus from the competition
IOC recommends banning Russia and Belarus from the competition

Russia is in big trouble and those who will feel the consequences the most because of the war are Russian athletes. Russia has been banned from various competitions, and this time the International Olympic Committee Executive Board reacted.

For now, they have a proposal to exclude Russia and Belarus from the competition
2The Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, World Championships and World Cups and many other sports events unite athletes of countries which are in confrontation and sometimes even war,” according to an IOC press release.

“ At the same time, the Olympic Movement is united in its sense of fairness not to punish athletes for the decisions of their government if they are not actively participating in them. We are committed to fair competitions for everybody without any discrimination.

Although the IOC is aware that some athletes are not the main culprits, it seems that a decision could be made to ban Russian athletes. “The current war in Ukraine, however, puts the Olympic Movement in a dilemma." "While athletes from Russia and Belarus would be able to continue to participate in sports events, many athletes from Ukraine are prevented from doing so because of the attack on their country”.

IPC President Andrew Parsons reaction

IPC President Andrew Parsons is also concerned about this situation, and his biggest concerns are Ukrainian paraathletes, for whom it is probably not known what situation they are in.

“This is a truly horrible situation, and we are greatly concerned about our National Paralympic Committee and Para athletes from Ukraine,” IPC President Andrew Parsons said, as quoted by nbcsports “Our top priority right now is the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian delegation, with whom we are in regular dialogue”.

Russia is still not indicating that they will stop the invasion, and it seems that such moves could cost them and lead to big problems. For now, there are indications that they could be banned from many other competitions

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