Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration in Athletes

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Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration in Athletes

Sport brings satisfaction, but at the same time injuries are on the agenda. When one thinks of a sports and athletic injury, one always thinks of problems related to the musculature or skeleton, tendons or joints. Injuries due to overload or trauma, impact or otherwise.

However, Spesos is underestimated that there are also other organs in the body that suffer injuries, such as the heart or the brain. The study: Sports-Related Brain Injury and Neurodegeneration in Athletes, published on the Current molecular pharmacology, in particular analyzes: "Sports deserve a special place in human life to impart healthy and refreshing wellbeing.

However, sports activities, especially contact sports, renders athlete vulnerable to brain injuries. Athletes participating in a contact sport like boxing, rugby, American football, wrestling, and basketball are exposed to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or concussions.

The acute and chronic nature of these heterogeneous injuries provides a spectrum of dysfunctions that alters the neuronal, musculoskeletal, and behavioral responses of an athlete. Many sports-related brain injuries go unreported, but these head impacts trigger neurometabolic disruptions that contribute to long-term neuronal impairment.

The pathophysiology of post-concussion and its underlying mechanisms are undergoing intense research. It also shed light on chronic disorders like Parkin son's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia. In this review, we examined post-concussion neurobehavioral changes, tools for early detection of signs, and their impact on the athlete.

Further, we discussed the role of nutritional supplements in ameliorating neuropsychiatric diseases in athletes."

Meanwhile a new record was made

Armand Duplantis rewrites the history of pole vaulting, retouching his World Record once again, at the Indoor World Championships in Belgrade, where the Swede exceeded 6.20 meters, improving by one centimeter what he did on March 7th in this very spot.

plant. The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Champion celebrated with a roar addressed to the crowd in the stands of the Stark Arena in Belgrade and kissing his girlfriend.
In second place the Brazilian Thiago Braz, Olympic Champion in Rio 2016, third place for the American Christopher Nielsen.

Son of the American star Greg Duplantis and a US citizen, from 2015 he opted for his mother's Swedish sports nationality while retaining his dual nationality. At the age of eighteen at the 2018 European Athletics Championships in Berlin he won the gold medal in pole vaulting, measuring 6.05 meters.

On this occasion he set the new under 20 world record, overcoming the twenty-one year old Russian Timur Morgunov (6.00 meters) and the French Renaud Lavillenie, world record holder. In 2019 he won the silver medal at the Doha World Championships with 5.97 m, preceded by the same measure by the American Sam Kendricks.

On 8 February 2020, in Toruń, she set the new world record, with the measurement of 6.17 meters, thus exceeding by one centimeter the previous record of Lavillenie which had lasted since 2014. Exactly one week later, on 15 February, in Glasgow, has set the world record again, raising it by one centimeter and thus bringing it to 6.18 meters.

Both performances, despite having been established indoors, are ratified as a world record under rule 260 of the international federation introduced in 1998, which provides that world records can be established in facilities with or without coverage.

On 17 September, on the occasion of the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea in Rome, he realizes the best outdoor performance ever with the measure of 6.15 m. In 2020 he was named World Athlete of the Year by World Athletics. He represented Sweden at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games, where he won the gold medal in pole vaulting, thanks to the 6.02 meter measurement, overtaking the American Chris Nilsen and the Brazilian Thiago Braz da Silva in the final.

After numerous attempts in the previous months, on 7 March 2022 at the Štark Arena in Belgrade he improves his world record to 6.19 meters.