The Olympic champion caught a thief and injured herself

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The Olympic champion caught a thief and injured herself

A curiosity from the world of athletics: Three-time Olympic hammer throw winner Anita Wlodarczyk has to undergo surgery after she was injured while catching a thief who tried to break into her car. Last year, Poland's Wlodarczyk became the first woman to become an Olympic winner three times in a row by winning gold at the Tokyo Olympics.

She is also the first woman to throw a hammer beyond 80 m and a world record holder with a shot of 82.98 m. "I single-handedly apprehended the thief and handed him over to the police," Wlodarczyk wrote in an Instagram post along with a photo of the car with scratch marks.

Surgery on Monday

"Unfortunately I paid for it with a muscle injury. Surgery on Monday." added 36-year-old Wlodarczyk. Wlodarczyk, who last year in Tokyo was the first athlete to win Olympic gold three times in a row in one discipline, was also considering whether she would later switch from the hammer throw ring to another.

"Thank you (Polish police) for your quick intervention. After my career, I think I’ll fight in MMA or UFC like our champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk because the perpetrator got hurt..”. Earlier in June three-time Olympic hammer throw champion visited CzÄ™stochowa to exercise with the youngest students and encourage them to be physically active.

"It is always about having fun during physical education lessons. I will also show some exercises from my training, I also brought special hammers - rubber, safe for children. So whoever wants to throw a hammer is absolutely right.

I often meet young people and kids in schools. Those people who bring layoffs will only understand in their 20-and 30s why they did not train in physical education lessons. Admittedly, when I went to primary school 20 years ago, the girls were already scheming, they brought excuses, indispositions, etc.

In my opinion, it was only an excuse." She wants to win her fifth world championship title at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon/USA from July 15th to 24th. It remains to be seen whether Wlodarczyk will be fit again by then.