Eugene World Championship: Marcell Jacobs disappointed but serene

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Eugene World Championship: Marcell Jacobs disappointed but serene

Marcell Jacobs, reigning Olympic champion, withdrew from the men's 100m semifinals, during the World Championship in Eugene, Oregon, due to the physical problems he has been carrying for a few months. In the press conference, Jacobs explained his motivations and promised fans that he will soon be comeptive, perhaps for the European Championships, which will be competing in 2022.

He said: "What did I find and what did I think seeing the final on TV? I didn't experience it very well, it is part of our sport and this year unfortunately it happened too often. I would have liked to be there, to see my lane empty in the semifinals.

it made me gnaw a lot but it gave me even more energy to come back stronger than before. It's nothing serious but I have to do it to do things in the best way. I was the first to force in some cases because I can't watch the others from the sofa at home but we have to do things calmly in view of the European Championships.

My countryman Tamberi? I was at the stadium and it was exciting seeing the difficulties he came from, he brought out all his character and proved to be worth a lot. Too bad for the missed medal. But even if it hasn't arrived, it deserves it all.

What if I would do something different after gold at the Tokyo Olympics? In reality, the biggest commitments off the track after the Olympics I had until November-December and in any case I won the indoor world championship, and after that there was very little like appearances, outings or commitments that took me away time.

What I did was done before, right after the Olympics. Until the Indoor World Championships everything had gone in the best way, then there was this hitch that conditioned the whole season. And without this hitch the season would have gone differently.

I'm someone who knows when it's time to do things off the track and when to train instead. There will be a chance in Zurich in the Diamond League, this year there was no way to compete because of me. I will try to confirm what I have done in the past, I have already beaten him twice and we must continue on this path. "