Mo Farah shocks: "In UK as an illegal immigrant, I was a servant"

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Mo Farah shocks: "In UK as an illegal immigrant, I was a servant"

Mo Farah is not really called Mo Farah, and his past is very different from what anyone could think. The Olympic champion, twice gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 flat meters at the 2012 London Games and Rio 2016, is actually called Hussein Abdi Kahin.

His story speaks a lot of poverty, hardship and various problems, as he himself confessed in a shocking interview with the BBC. This interview could lead the British authorities to open an investigation into how Farah obtained citizenship.

Up to the hypothesis that it could also lead to the revocation of the sample's citizenship. "Orphaned by his father, who died during the Somali civil war, he was forced to leave home at the age of eight. For Mo in England, where relatives lived, his mother entrusted him to a woman Farah had never seen before.

once he illegally brought the child to London, after providing him with false documents, he snatches the address of his relatives from his hand."

Mo Farah shocks: "In the UK as an illegal immigrant"

The story then continue: "At that point I understood that I was in trouble, says the British, from then on he was forced to be a servant and to take care of the housekeeping and the other children of the house.

Without ever being able to tell anyone his story. Until Mo turns 12: despite knowing few words of English, he is allowed to go to school for the first time. Outcast, I was always alone, I had no friends, no one to talk to, he said To save him, another family of Somali origin, to which he is entrusted.

Finally I felt at home. And everything changed at school too, because the teachers realized that I was running faster than everyone else. It saved my race. The difference between me and all the people who did the my own path was that I knew how to run.

Others have not had the same luck as me. I know I have taken someone else's place, I often wonder what happened to the real Mohamed, he explained."