Steve Redgrave on receiving a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II

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Steve Redgrave on receiving a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II

Steve Redgrave is one of the few who can boast that he received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. He will never forget that moment. “It's the ultimate recognition our country can bestow on somebody for the achievements they've made in whatever walk of life,” he said for “And so being able to go along and receive that is very special.
“There's about 130 people that get recognized and the people receiving the awards are kept back, and then you're filed in in a line around the back of the room.
“As she puts the medal around your neck, she talks to you.

Everyone gets two questions. I don't know how she knows everybody of those 130 from all sorts of different walks of life.
“One of the questions to me was about my career in sports and the recognition that I've brought to the country from that.

It's very special”.

Queen Elizabeth and her reign

The queen did a lot for her country during her reign and left a big mark in all areas of life, including sports. “Of course, a part of her role is not to be political but be promoting our country,” he said.

“And I can't think of anybody over the last 70 years that has come close to promoting our country around the world, and embracing, recognizing people's achievements, and just being a fantastic figurehead.
“She's been amazing.

Being thrown into the job relatively young in life and being around in that role for 70 years is remarkable. And all those 70 years, she has been able to adapt to society changes and be relevant all the time”.
He added: “Of all these major events, having the Queen coming along, it just makes such an important part and motivation to the people that are competing.

Especially the British teams within the Commonwealth, or the British team if it's the Olympics. And that recognition that the whole country right from the top is supporting you”.