Taky Marie-Divine Kouame on her UCI Track CL debut

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Taky Marie-Divine Kouame on her UCI Track CL debut

Taky Marie-Divine Kouame is ready for her UCI Track Champions League debut. She is overjoyed by this fact and cannot wait for the moment to show her qualities. “Last year when I watched the TCL it was like a dream to participate it,” she told Eurosport.

“It should be so crazy to live this experience and best of all there is one round in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, so I’m very happy about that, it’s so cool.
“I saw the format, which has very short time to recover, it’s a very condensed schedule and it doesn’t suit at all my qualities.
“I will go out of my comfort zone and I think it’s a good way to still prepare myself for the future and the European Championships in February.
“I adapted my calendar with Gregory Bauge [her coach] for this.

It’s very nice the TCL is happening at this time of the season”.

Kouame: “I really want to progress"

Kouame wants to find the right rhythm, show what she is capable of, and find the right rhythm. It is evident that this young athlete is extremely motivated, so that can be an advantage for her.

She will be able to surprise everyone if she finds the right rhythm. “I really want to progress in individual sprint and Keirin so it’s fine for me there is no 500m at the TCL,” added Kouame.
“There is a tactical aspect, find the good cadence, try to be in my best position in sprint, have more power, more experience.
“I’m not yet at my best in [terms of] recovery between sprints rounds or the Kerin.

I don’t like to have too long time off so the schedule suited me perfectly. A week of holidays, one week with swimming, walk and now back on the bike”.