Usain Bolt in basketball and golf? Yes, but...

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Usain Bolt in basketball and golf? Yes, but...
Usain Bolt in basketball and golf? Yes, but...

Former Jamaican Olympic champion Usain Bolt Usain Bolt is the star of Allianz Direct commercials of 2022. The commercial lasts 15 seconds and was made in two versions. in the first version, Bolt plays golf and basketball, always with his usual irony.

The new flight of the Allianz Direct campaign will be on air in the coming weeks. Bolt has won 8 Olympic gold medals and 11 world championships in his career and is the only athlete in history to have won the gold medal in the 100 m flat and 200 m flat in three consecutive editions of the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio de Janeiro 2016), as well as in three different editions of the world championships (Berlin 2009, Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015).

He also held up to 2021 the world records of the 200 m flat in the under 20 and under 18 categories, respectively with 19 "93 and 20" 13. A great football lover, Manchester United guest during some training sessions, he was present during the 2010-2011 UEFA Champions League final in London, where he said that, after his retirement from athletics, he would like to play in their squad.

In 2010, Bolt signed a contract with HarperCollins publishing house to publish an autobiography, titled Usain Bolt: My Story. 9.58: Being the World's Fastest Man and negotiated by Chris Nathaniel, CEO of NVA Holdings. The book was then published and distributed during 2011.

In 2016 a biographical documentary entitled I Am Bolt was released, directed by Ben Turner and Gabe Turner, accompanied by an original soundtrack that includes songs by, among others, Sean Paul, Major Lazer, compatriot Damian Marley together with the rapper.

Nas. Bolt is an exclusive testimonial (brand ambassador), participating in dozens of advertising campaigns and shooting commercials marked by the athlete's irony (among the many brands, for example, he appears in video for Gatorade, 2013; Barrhead Travel, 2014; Xfinity TV , 2015; Puma, Virgin Media, 2016; Allianz Direct, 2020; CarMax, 2021).

As a singer, a great passion of him, in 2021 he recorded his first album entitled Country Yutes for the A-team Lifestyle record company. fter his world record in New York, during a race preceded by a severe thunderstorm, the press coined various puns regarding his name by calling him Lightning Bolt.

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