Dana White shocked with a statement regarding the McGregor title shoot

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Dana White shocked with a statement regarding the McGregor title shoot

There is a lot of controversy about whether Conir McGregor could win a title match after an injury. Although most are against such a decision, Dana White seems to be considering such an option. Although McGregor was in bad shape before the injury and suffered two defeats from Dustin Poirier, he is still the UFC’s most famous face and White has revealed in which case McGregor could be a title candidate “It’s gonna depend on who the champion is,” White said to The Underground “The champion has some say in that, too.

Who’s gonna be the champ when Conor McGregor comes back?" "And what do they wanna do? If you look at [Charles] Oliveira, right... if it’s still Oliveira by the time he comes back, maybe Oliveira wants Conor. Who knows? I don’t know.

We’ll see what happens”.

Conor McGregor title shoot

While most oppose McGregor competing for the title, there are many who still support him and believe he deserves privileged status. Dana White still doesn't know what he will do, but obviously it will all depend on McGregor's injury and other fighters as well as their form “There’s a lot of variables that have to come together for him to come back and fight,” White said of McGregor.

“No. 1 is health and how’s his leg. Then once that’s 100 percent then we’ll start to figure out where he goes. Because a lot of these — we have fights made all the way up to June 18 already." "Once he’s 100 percent ready to go, we’ll get him figured out and we’ll see what’s what with the lightweight division and we’ll get him figured out”.

The Irishman has announced that he will be very ready, and it is clear that he has a desire for the title. We’ll see if Conor can get back to his old form