Jorge Masvidal disappointed after the match, revealed what his plan was

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Jorge Masvidal disappointed after the match, revealed what his plan was

The fight between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington was something we had been waiting for a long time, and it can be said that we got what we were looking for. Colby dominated the whole match and it was possible to guess what would happen.

Jorge was quite motivated for this match, but unfortunately, he did not show what we expected from him Of course, Masvidal was not satisfied after the match. He thinks he hasn’t done enough, and that he could and should have done a better westling.

Jorge also decided to apologize to his children “I was offbeat with the wrestling. I needed to wrestle harder." "It wasn’t there, the wrestling. I want to say thanks to God for everything I got. Thanks everybody for coming out.

Sorry to my kids, they’re the only people I will say sorry too. And shit, my wrestling just wasn’t there today. I was flat”.

Masvidal on his tactics

Masvidal also revealed what plan he had for this match. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have succeeded in anything he imagined, and it was clear that Colby had the initiative and would end this match with a victory.

“Break his face,” Masvidal replied. “Yeah, I should have had more moments like that (round 4 knockdown), but my wrestling was off today. I didn’t have it. Flatfooted today”. In the end this match took the bonus as the match of the evening.

For Covington, this is only the second bonus in his career, after the one he received for the first fight against Kamaru Usman, while Masvidal is still a little more accustomed to such an award. This is his third fight of the evening, and he has been awarded four times for best performance.

In addition, Kevin Holland won a bonus and he was better in the match against Alex Oliveira. Quite an interesting night, you might say