Colby Covington brutally honest after the victory over Masvidal!

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Colby Covington brutally honest after the victory over Masvidal!

Colby Covington continued with his trash talk even after the win over Jorge Masvidal. Although they have both been in conflict for a long time, last night they had an ideal chance to show who is stronger in the ring, and in the end, Covington deservedly won.

"That’s the end of ‘Street Judas’. I don’t want to hear any more talk about the hype machine, who hit lightning in a bottle for a couple of fights. He’s done. I don’t want to hear another word about him."- Covington said, as quoted by thenationalnews “You saw Jorge, he just came out to take that losing paycheque.

There’s a reason he signed that [UFC] contract [last week] before he fought me tonight. He knew he couldn’t beat me." "He knew if he put up his best performance like he did tonight... that was my worst performance and it was still an easy night of work for me”.

Colby Covington on Jorge Masvidal

Asked if he respected Masvidal, Colby replied “Absolutely not. He’s a fraud. And he got exposed for the journeyman he is tonight." “Nothing in there surprised me. Another dominant performance.

Whooped his [expletive] from second 1 to minute 25. You could see in his body language he had nothing left in the fight. I was ready for another five rounds in the parking lot." Colby believes he has shown by this fight how great a fighter he is, and in the end Colby deserved and achieved victory "It wasn't my best performance.

Just a lot of emotions going into it. That was a real friend of mine at one point in my career... I let my emotions get the best of me. But it was still dominant. I just showed how good I was, that I am the No 1 fighter in the world for a reason. It wasn’t even competitive tonight.