Islam Makhachev on Conor McGregor: He just drinks, he will never be a champion again

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Islam Makhachev on Conor McGregor: He just drinks, he will never be a champion again

There has been a lot of talk about a potential fight between Islam Makhachev and Conor McGregor. It is a fight that many would like, but the question is how realistic it is at the moment to make it happen. Islam Makhachev was quite open in an interview with ESPN when he spoke about Conor McGregor and some dangerous words fell “Let’s go.

Let’s do it. Why not? He’s just playing games. He’s never gonna take this fight. He’s playing a little bit of a game and because he knows,” Makhachev told ESPN’s Brett Okamoto. Islam is ready to completely destroy Conor “It’s gonna be a long night for him.

[Like] what Khabib did with him because he’s not the same now. When he fought Khabib, he was in good shape, not drunk too much, but now he has to retire." "This guy has money, everything, but if he wants to come back, let’s do it.

I will be happy to smash him”.

Islam Makhachev on Conor McGregor

Islam Makhachev does not seem to like the Irish at all. That is why he would have a motive more in a fight like this, but Makhachev believes that McGregor is often drunk, and that he is currently unable to fight some big names.

“I think this is fake,” Makhachev said, “for the fans that make some interesting, but I think this fake. It’s gonna be hard for him to make 155 because he drunk all days, and lot of people are gonna smash him in this situation.

He just gonna fight vs. Nate Diaz or some old people for make some money, and that’s it. He’s never gonna be champion. He’s never gonna be compete this level”. What we would like is a fight between Islam and Conor, but for now there are still no indications that this will happen.