Jorge Masvidal accuses Colby Covington of cheating during the match!

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Jorge Masvidal accuses Colby Covington of cheating during the match!

The match between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington is something we have been waiting for a long time, and we can say in the end that it was worth the wait. Colby was better during the match though and showed more quality.

That is why he won, and it seems that Jorge Masvidal had a hard time losing. After the match, he had something to say at the press conference
“The eye poke was pretty bad, man. The only thing that’s hurting right now is the f—ng eye,” Masvidal told reporters as quoted by bloodyelbow Masvidal accused Covington of poking him “My eye’s still throbbing right now.

I’ve had a couple of mishaps at Herb Dean. I just don’t get it why he didn’t fix the action. (Colby) threw a punch, missed, and immediately just jabbed me in the f—ng eyeball. He believes that the referee should have stopped the match at that moment “I’m not gonna take nothing away from him winning the fight, ‘cause that was just one sequence.

But it would’ve been cool if (Herb) stopped it there, and I would’ve gotten my breathing to restart, because (Colby) poked the shit out of my eye.

Ben Askren reaction

What is interesting is Ben Askren's reaction to Masvidal's statements.

Askren believes Masvidal had to show much more. We’ll see if we get a chance to watch them in the ring again “Kind of what we expected,” Askren said of the fight, as quoted by mmyfight “The thing that I get annoyed about is Jorge wants to fight him after the fight, and it’s like, you just had 25 minutes to do almost anything you want." "You can’t eye gouge and bite — we’ve got a couple rules, but not a lot — so you can do whatever you want for 25 minutes, and now you’re going to act like you want more? Hey, you had 25 minutes, freaking do it to him.