Gilbert Burns on the fight vs Chimaev: I’m fighting the guy no one wants to fight

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Gilbert Burns on the fight vs Chimaev: I’m fighting the guy no one wants to fight

Gilbert Burns seems confident that he can stop Khamzat Chimaev. This match will be held at UFC 273, on April 9 It is this match that could decide who will be the next opponent of Kamara Usman in the fight for the title. Gilbert Burns is confident that this match will end quickly and that he will win in the end “It’s gonna be a finish," Burns told Mirror Fighting .

"I think I might be able to catch him with a couple of punches or I’m getting a submission. I don’t exactly, but don’t see it going to a decision, I see a finish”. Chimaev is one of the biggest welterweights fighters, but Burns thinks it may be a flaw “He’s strengths are clear, he’s a very big guy and strong for the division.

I don’t see a lot of weakness, but when a guy’s that big and can fight at middleweight, he’s gonna have a very tough weight cut," Burns added.

Burns on Chimaev and his qualities

Burns believes that he is the type of fighter who does not reject anyone and that this is exactly his advantage.

Of course, he decided to praise Chimaev and his qualities, but he believes that he is the only one brave enough to fight against such a good and promising fighter. I’m fighting the guy that no one wants to fight," he continued.

"Now everyone wants to fight Wonderboy [Thompson] since I gave up the map after I beat him, but no one wanted to fight him before." “Nobody wanted to fight Chimaev and I’m putting myself out there, fighting a guy who is way below me.

He’s very tough, young and hungry, so a big win over Chimaev will get me super close to a title shot. We can't wait for these two great fighters who will surely make a spectacle