Dustin Poirier on a potential match against Covington and who his biggest wish is

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Dustin Poirier on a potential match against Covington and who his biggest wish is

Dustin Poirier is not particularly interested in the fight against Colby Covington, but it remains to be seen whether such a fight will take place. Colby called Poirier out, and Dustin had something to say about it “It’s cute,” Poirier told ESPN “It’s all good.

It is what it is. People want big fights. That’s a big fight. He wants big fights. Obviously he’s not in line for the title fight. He lost twice to the champ, so he probably needs a few more wins." "But I would think if you want to get back to that strap you have to fight welterweight contenders.

I don’t now what I’m doing, if I’m going to welterweight, if I’m staying at 155. We’ll see. But it is what it is”.

Dustin Poirier wants Nate Diaz

Dustin Poirier lost to Charles Oliveira, and the next fight he wants is against Nate Diaz.

The Diaz brothers are UFC legends, and they seem to have great credibility in the UFC. That's why Poirier "targeted" Nate “Nate Diaz is a fight I want,” Poirier said. “I’ve been watching him and his brother forever, so it’s exciting for me.

It would be a fun match up for the fans. That’s more likely than the Colby fight”. It is known that Colby Covington often uses trash talk and that such tactics work for him. He has become one of the most popular fighters in the UFC and it is clear that Colby has charisma and knows how to draw attention to himself.

This is exactly what is being sought these days, and Colby seems to want to follow in the footsteps of Conor McGregor by that. Still, Poirier believes he could not use the same tactics “It’s working for him,” Poirier said of Covington’s talk.

“He’s got people talking. You’re asking me about him. It’s just not my style. That’s what I dislike about the sport nowadays”.