Dana White responds to Jake Paul’s suggestion to fight Conor McGregor

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Dana White responds to Jake Paul’s suggestion to fight Conor McGregor

Everyone knows how much Jake Paul has been calling out Dana White lately. Jake almost never stops mentioning the name of the key character in the UFC. What Paul resents most about White is the salaries of UFC fighters and health insurance, but he has been looking for a match with Conor McGregor for several months.

Jake Paul made an interesting suggestion. If Conor wins, White must increase salaries and health insurance, and if Paul loses, he will donate money to fighters earning less than $ 50,000 Dana White decided to answer the question of whether there could be a fight between Conor and Paul in Impaulsive podcast.

"Probably not. I'm never closed off to anything. I used to say that about things but I don't anymore. I don't hate the kid. He came out and said, 'Now you love me'.. well I never said that but I don't hate him. He's a young kid out there trying to make some money and I don't fault anyone for that.

'We have the most successful combat sports business of all time; what we do is completely different to what him and his brother [Logan] are doing."

McGregor and Paul difference

Dana White has always had only the best fighters in the world of MMA in her organization.

White has been getting more and more criticism lately, but this time he doesn't seem to want to pay attention to the comments. Of course, he pointed out that there is a big difference between Paul and McGregor when it comes to weight "I'm looking for the absolute best in the world.

It's not what we do, there's a market for what they do," he added. "The Floyd vs Conor fight, everyone wanted to see it and it took on a life of its own. "[Jake] shouldn't even be fighting Conor McGregor; these guys are huge and Conor McGregor is 145/155lb."