Jake Paul wants a fight against Kamaru Usman: Ali Abdelaziz replied

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Jake Paul wants a fight against Kamaru Usman: Ali Abdelaziz replied

The conflict between Jake Paul and Dana White continues. Although Paul made a proposal to White to fight McGregor, White seems to have rejected such an option, and believes Paul and McGregor are not in the same category. But Abdelaziz also seems frustrated by Jake Paul's behavior and recommended he fight Kamara Usman "I wasn’t even talking about you, but if you are so tough and you say you have a wrestling background, you come to the UFC at a 185lbs and you have a fight in your hand with the pound-for-pound king Kamaru Usman," wrote Ali Abdelaziz.

"I know Dana White would love to see your face get smashed."
Paul responded to Abdelaziz and recalled the match against Tyron Woodley. "Do us all a favor and shut your peanut head ass mouth. The only thing fake is your boy Usman’s boxing skills.

He won the belt from Tyron Woodley by decision. You seen what I did," referring to his brutal sixth-round KO of Woodley in their rematch last December.- Paul said as quoted by mirror

Usman on Jake Paul

Usman also had a lot of words for Jake Paul, and he seems ready to fight YouTuber “These guys are making a lot of noise," Usman told Club Shay Shay.

"They got the YouTubers and they got this new generation, these new kids involved and watching them. That’s fine, but they don’t equate to dollars. " Jake Paul says ‘we doing these numbers.’ You can add up every fight Jake Paul has had, but the pay-per-view numbers weren’t more than what I did in my last fight.

Write me a check for $100 million, Jake Paul and I’ll be there to kick your ass next week”. Many want Jake Paul's match against a top UFC fighter because they think that would be the end of his trash talk, but it is obvious that Jake Paul is a good fighter