Edson Barboza: wife, career and all the curiosities

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Edson Barboza: wife, career and all the curiosities

Edson Barboza is one of the best strikers in the division, and in particular his football techniques, which are among the most varied, fast and effective in the MMA scene, are extremely feared. He also boasts a good Brazilian jiu jitsu but above all an excellent defense from takedowns.

Against him, his Achilles heel seems to be defensive boxing, as in his defeats he often failed to adequately defend himself from the punching combinations of his opponents. Before starting to practice MMA Barboza was a professional thaiboxer with a record of 25 wins and 3 losses, and boasts several successes at the state and national level in Brazil.

It wasn't until 2009 that he made the decision to practice MMA by moving to Florida and joining Jupiter's The Armory team. He made his debut in April with a TKO win in the Real FC promotion, and before the end of the year he won and defended the Renaissance MMA organization lightweight title by both defeating Lee King.

In 2010 he again defended the Renaissance MMA title and also won the promotion of the New Jersey Ring of Combat by knocking out his compatriot Marcelo Guidici by means of repeated kicks in the legs. Described as a dyed-in-the-wool striker, Barboza is known for his dangerous kicking game.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has stated that Barboza is "probably the best kicker in MMA. He scored the first wheel kick knockout in UFC history, and is one of two fighters to finish multiple UFC bouts via leg kicks. Barboza is also known for his effective use of switch kicks, which have been labeled exceptionally quick ferocious.

About his personal life

Barboza and his wife, Bruna, have a son, Noah and a daughter named Victoria. Barboza net worth is to be around $ 2 million. The Brazilian fighter has earned a total of $ 2,362,000 in his career in fighter pay alone according to The Sports Daily.

His biggest di lui came from his most recent fight against Shane Burgos at UFC 262 where he took home a whopping $ 276,000. He had a sponsorship from Reebok, and also he has endorsement deals with Vollo Sports, Jaco Clothing, DFX Sports, and Affliction.