Jake Paul: I would knock out Conor McGregor in the first round

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Jake Paul: I would knock out Conor McGregor in the first round

Jake Paul continues as before. He still doesn’t give up on the match with Conor McGregor and doesn’t stop to call out Dana White. It is clear that Paul has serious ambitions and wants to continue where he left off.

There are many fighters who found themselves in his way, but ended in defeat. Some resent Paul for not fighting real boxers, but Paul wants a fight that will bring him profit and also one with which he could gain the best status.

And which opponent is better for it than Conor McGregor. Of course, Paul is trying in every way to get to that fight, so he gave an ultimatum if he wins or loses what will happen "If I win, then Dana has to increase the minimum of fighter pay,” Paul said in an interview with TMZ Sports.

“If I lose, then they can take all of the money and whatever and so be it. But, I know I can beat Conor”. But what is especially interesting is the interview he gave for TMZ and in which he showed his self-confidence.

New statement

Paul believes he can beat Conor McGregor and seems ready for such a match. Of course, Dana White recently denied that such a match could take place, but that option is still not ruled out. We can’t imagine what kind of hype would be created around that fight.

“I know I can beat Conor, and people think, ‘Oh, this kid’s crazy,’ and yeah, I am like no, that’s why I’ve gotten this far,” Paul said. “It’s because I’m crazy, and I believe in myself, and Conor is on a downhill spiral.

His limbs are all broken, so stand-up game coming out knocking [him] out first round”. Conor McGregor is next, because the question is how much longer he can keep silent about Paul's words like this