Henry Cejudo calls out Conor McGregor!


Henry Cejudo calls out Conor McGregor!

Henry Cejudo seems ready to return to the UFC. Although Cejudo has decided to end his career, he still has a desire for an octagon and a desire to fight. Of course, Cejudo knows who to call out. This time his target is Conor McGregor whom Cejudo challenged and with whom he wants to fight.

He is ready to come back because of that fight. 'I'd like to see him (McGregor) dance with me, quite honestly. I want that fight,' Cejudo said on his The Triple C & Schmo Show, as quoted by dailymail.
'I talk a lot of stuff, we smack talk a lot of stuff to each other, it gets personal between us, give me the opportunity and give me the shot.'

However, Cejudo did not stop there, so he used harsh words. 'Enough of this Twitter crap, enough of this cute Twitter stuff. Yeah, you are red panty night, and for that reason I do want to fight you. But think about it too, Conor McTapper, you got two belts and I have two belts.

I have an Olympic gold medal and you don't have anything.'

Conor McGregor vs Cejudo

Conor McGregor is often the target of many fighters, especially because they are aware of how much money they can make if they fight him.

Cejudo just wants to take advantage of such an opportunity and does not choose the means. The only question is how realistic it is for their fight to take place. Difficult situation.. 'I say we go at it, dude. I say we make this fight and that's it, man,' Cejudo said.

'Talk is cheap dude. You've commented on all the videos I do about you. 'I am a smart human being bro, you know that, and I want to expose you and I want to expose it live on pay-per-view if you wanna sign that contract. I'm waiting.'

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