Tony Ferguson does not plan to give up: Feels good to be back and hungry again

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Tony Ferguson does not plan to give up: Feels good to be back and hungry again
Tony Ferguson does not plan to give up: Feels good to be back and hungry again (Provided by Financial World)

Tony Ferguson had three defeats in a row ahead of UFC 274 shows and clashes with Michael Chandler. Nothing but victory was out of the question for Tony Ferguson, and everyone was looking forward to El Cucuy's new performance.

There was a lot of talk about Ferguson not being as good as he used to be and that he had dropped drastically. Tony said that was not true and that he had entered some of the previous fights unprepared. He made Ferguson and certain modifications in his preparations brought back the wrestling coach from his student days and announced his return to wrestling roots.

The first round against Chandler went well. Ferguson even managed to endanger his opponent with a few good shots, and there was a recognizable Ferguson pressure. Chandler complained about the right eye problem between rounds and it seemed like we finally had that old El Cucuy.

However, after only 17 seconds of the second round, Chandler hits a "front kick" in Ferguson's chin, which immediately ends up on the ground, unconscious.

Ferguson recorded his fourth defeat in a row.

On the eve of the UFC 274 event, Dana White claimed that Ferguson is not fighting to stay in the promotion and that they do not plan to fire him if he loses to Chandler.

The impression is, however, that "El Cucuy" unfortunately no longer has its place among the best fighters in the category, and the question is how much it makes sense for him to fight with lower-ranked fighters, at this stage of his career.

After all, the most important thing is what Ferguson himself thinks about himself and the continuation of his career, and it seems that "El Cucuy" did not lose heart because he sent a very encouraging message via Twitter.

“Congratulations to [Michael Chandler on his victory at UFC 274. Had lots of fun in there. You fans are f---ing wild. I love this s—t,” Ferguson wrote on Twitter. “Feels good to be back and hungry again. We were just getting started.

Best of luck in your next fight”. wrote Ferguson, who clearly appreciates Chandler. What will be next for Ferguson remains to be seen. A couple of wins against lower-ranked fighters may restore his confidence and Ferguson rejoins the top of the category.

The question arises whether Ferguson can still beat the fighters below him in the standings, because the easy category is full of top fighters and talents.

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