Nate Diaz 'takes a p***' in front of the UFC Institute

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Nate Diaz 'takes a p***' in front of the UFC Institute

Nate Diaz recently posted a picture of herself urinating in front of the UFC Performance Institute building, sending a clear message to the UFC. At the moment, he has one more fight left to do according to the contract, and it seems that he wants out of the promotion.

"Taking a piss on the UFC pi. I could do this cause I get paid more than all u guys and they won’t cut me" wrote Nate Diaz on Twitter.

Diaz has just one more fight to do in his contract.

He’s currently failing to find an opponent for his last fight, and all of this leads him to let it be known that he wants out of the UFC. In the last fight almost a year ago, he was defeated by a unanimous decision from Leon Edwards, and in the last four fights he recorded only one victory.

Nate Diaz not willing to do the match vs McGregor

In 2016, he had a rematch against Conor McGregor in which he lost by a majority decision of the judges and returned to the fights only three years later with a victory against Anthony Pettis.

He is currently in the negotiation phase for the next fight, and it is known that the verbal agreement of the clash with Dustin Poirier failed, as well as the one with Vicente Luque. Dana White wanted Nate to do a trilogy with Conor McGregor, but as we learn from people close to him, Nate Diaz would rather leave the promotion than do a fight against Conor.

Yancy Medeiros explained that the UFC has to take some big steps otherwise it will lose Nate from the promotion. "I think Nate is just popping off to make trouble," Medeiros explained of Diaz's tweet calling for his UFC release.

"I think the UFC have got to make him an offer he can't refuse or else he's going to fight out his contract. How come he's telling UFC he'll fight Dustin and Dustin said he'll fight him but they're not making it happen?