Michael Jonson: I was in such a dark hole

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Michael Jonson: I was in such a dark hole

Michael Johnson has not been in good shape since 2016. He is aware of it and has revealed some of his favorite moments. “I’ve been through a lot in my life,” Johnson şaid, as quoted by mmajunkie. “I’ve had a lot of big wins.

I’ve had a lot of devastating losses, but that’s (the win over Patrick) probably one of the better moments in my life just because I was in such a dark hole. (I) went through so much to get to this point, a year and a half layoff, being broke, trying to figure out things.

It feels good”.

Black hole

He also revealed how he came to the 'black hole' “When you’re almost at the top, or at the top, and almost there and then you’re just reduced to nothing, it feels terrible,” Johnson said.

“It feels like sh*t. Especially being an athlete. We’re all considered alpha males and we’re the best of the best – and then you sit back and realize that you’re not the best of the best. “You lost four in a row, something is going wrong.

You end up being alone because your phone is not ringing enough, people are kind of turning their backs to you – which is a good thing, all the hangers just fall off themselves, so now you have time to focus on yourself and what do yo, but it’s great.

“Like I said, being broke, trying to figure out which way to go in life like, ‘Do I really still want to fight? F*ck yeah I still want to fight. I’m not giving this up.’ So it’s incredible to get out that hole”.

KO win over Patrick is certainly a great success, and he is happy about it. “F*ck, I was fighting for my life, forget the job,” Johnson said. “I need to make ends meet. I need to be successful. This is where I get my main paycheck.

This is where I take care of myself and I can help my family and get through hard times. I definitely needed this to get back on track and get a little bit of weight off my shoulders. I wasn’t going to be satisfied with a decision win.

I needed to put on a statement and show and prove to everybody that I still got it. I’m not going anywhere. Hey, I’m 35, but I’m just getting better”.