Islam Makhachev answered the question: Can Charles Oliveira defeat Khabib?

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Islam Makhachev answered the question: Can Charles Oliveira defeat Khabib?

There is a lot of talk about whether Charles Oliveira could beat Khabib Nurmagomedov. It is difficult to answer that now, given that they will certainly not be in the ring together, but most believe that the Brazilian would not have a chance against Khabib.

One of those who believe that Khabib would be the winner is Islam Makhachev. “How you’re gonna beat him? Like he’s gonna give him submission or what?” Makhachev told ESPN. “This is like easy fight for Khabib because Khabib has the most dominant grappling on top.

He’s gonna take him down and hold him there very easy. I think honestly this is a very easy fight for Khabib because stylistically, all his pressure is not gonna work against Khabib because Khabib pressures all his opponents, makes them tired, hold them there”.

Makhachev believes that he could also beat the Brazilian and that he would not have any problems with him. What kind of fight it would be, we can't even imagine. “But we don’t have to say Khabib’s gonna beat Charles,” Makhachev said.

“I’m gonna beat Charles, and everybody is gonna understand”. Islam continued, “Honestly, I believe I can finish this guy, and I really want to finish him in the grappling, in his area, and I know I can do this”.

Charles Oliveira: Makhachev has to fight Dariush first

Charles Oliveira also answered whether there was a possibility of his fight with Makhachev. It seems that this could happen soon. “I think the reality is, Makhachev has to fight Dariush first,” Oliveira told Trocacao Franca.

“They both have to fight and then we’ll see who we’re fighting or not. Makhachev is super tough and deserves all the respect in the world. Dariush is also super tough and has a great team." We’ll see what Dana White’s plans are but it would be a phenomenal match.