‘Big’ John McCarthy admitted he wrongly scored the fight between Sterling and Yan

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‘Big’ John McCarthy admitted he wrongly scored the fight between Sterling and Yan

John McCarthy has admitted he made a mistake scoring the fight Sterling vs Yana. Very few people exist who have a similar experience as “Big” John regarding what happens in the cage itself during the fight. He recently admitted that he may have made a mistake in the very assessment of the first round between champions Aljaamain Sterling and Peter Yan.

Recall, John said after the judge's decision that there is no chance that Sterling won the first round, but now he still turned the plate a bit and gave a statement about the first round for MMA Junkie Radio.

"I did exactly what you should never do"

“Here’s the first thing, and Aljamain Sterling can hate me, again, I honestly don’t care, but I will tell you, I don’t hate him,” McCarthy told MMA Junkie Radio.

“I think he’s a phenomenal fighter. I think he’s just a dynamite fighter and he deserves to be where he’s at. But when you take a look at judging of a fight, I did exactly what you should never do, and that’s have friends over, be jaw-jackin’ with them while the fight’s going on, and then think that you saw that fight as you should have.

I didn’t”. Recall, that Sterling defeated Yan in a rematch by a split referee decision. The key round was the first one, which two judges decided belonged to Sterling. MMA fans have also remained divided over the referee's decision, and "Big" judge John McCarthy admits he may have been wrong when he claimed there was no way Sterling took that first round.

“I went back and watched it and said I can definitely see why someone would say Aljamain won that,” McCarthy said. “If you’re going for volume, you’re gonna go more for Aljamain. If you’re going more for power, you’re gonna go more for Yan, but it’s razor-close. And you know, I was wrong”.