Tony Ferguson still full of confidence: I really didn’t train anything for Charles

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Tony Ferguson still full of confidence: I really didn’t train anything for Charles

Tony Ferguson is in a very good mood, despite the fact that he recorded four defeats in a row. "El Cucuy" is in the worst phase of his career so far, and the last defeat inflicted on him by Michael Chandler was especially difficult.

"Iron" knocked out Tony with a brutal "front kick" at the beginning of the second round. Justin Gaeth also beat Ferguson by a break, but it was a technical knockout. Charles Oliveira and Beneil Dariush failed to finish it, but the victories came with convincing unanimous decisions.

Interestingly, Charles Oliveira has 11 wins in a row, and within that series, only Tony Ferguson failed to beat by the break. "Do Bronx" was left without a title in the lightweight category due to a fall on the scales before the last match, but many still see him as the champion of that category.

Although he did not finish Ferguson, "Do Bronx" controlled that match from start to finish, and at no point did he act as a subordinate fighter. Despite this, Ferguson believes the outcome in the return match would have been different.

"I really didn’t train anything for Charles"

One of Tony's followers on Twitter asked Ferguson who would be his tougher opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov or Charles Oliveira in the return match. Ferguson responded with the words: ''Nothing personal, but I really didn’t train anything for Charles.

He’s A Good kid who needed a boost. I’ll see him again. Any of them & with real training I win. Khabibi on the other hand would be a fun one the fans would like." El Cucuy said on Twitter. Ferguson will first have to record several victories if he hopes for a rematch against Oliveira.

The Brazilian is at the very top of the category, while Ferguson's victory is imperative in the next performance. Time is also not in his favor, as Tony turned 38 in the second month. It’s about the late years for the lightweight fighter and the question is whether Ferguson can match the best.