Glover Teixeira: "I wouldn’t call Jiri Prochazka crazy, but sometimes he.."

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Glover Teixeira: "I wouldn’t call Jiri Prochazka crazy, but sometimes he.."

Glover Teixeira spoke about expectations and impressions before the match with Jiri Prochazka. Teixeira believes that he must be careful and that he will be in the ring with a dangerous opponent. “He does some things I like,” Teixeira said for MMA Fighting podcast Trocação Franca “He’s freaking dangerous, unpredictable, but has certain things, [like] the ground game, some movements he does… I won’t comment here about his movements, but will have a nice strategy for him.

“[Staying] calm. I have to be calm, don’t get too aggressive. I’ve lost some fights when I was too aggressive. You have to be calm against him and attack on the right time, the moment he makes those mistakes”.

Glover Teixeira on Prochazka's flaws

Glover Teixeira respects his opponent and has some statistics, but he believes that he has fought with stronger opponents such as Jon Jones and that Prochazka has flaws that he must take advantage of.

“[Prochazka] does things that… I wouldn’t call him crazy, but sometimes he does crazy things,” Teixeira said. “But I’ve fought guys that, man… I can’t compare him to someone like Jon Jones, the top fighters, the best of the best of the division.

He does pretty cool things, throws unpredictable attacks, things that are hard to study. [But] he has mistakes, too”. It seems that right from the start of the match he wants to learn aggressively and finish as soon as possible.

We will see if he succeeds in his plans, but this will be one of his most difficult challenges. “I have to train for five rounds and put pressure and see how much pressure he can take,” Teixeira said. “If it’s the third, if it’s the fourth, if it’s the fifth. [The plan is] to go for the finish since the beginning with my game of pressure”.