Jeff Molina was attacked by fans for wearing rainbow-colored pants

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Jeff Molina was attacked by fans for wearing rainbow-colored pants

The UFC fighter category has come under fire from fans after wearing rainbow-colored shorts in his last fight as a sign of Pride. Molina remains undefeated under the auspices of the UFC after defeating Zhalgas Zhumagulov last weekend by a debatable split.

But that’s not what he caught attention with, but the shorts he wore in recognition of the “Pride Month” event. The UFC designed such a uniform to help raise money and make people aware of the LGBT community.

In his fight, Molina wore rainbow-colored shorts and because of that he received a number of insults, and he told everything in detail for The MMA Hour. "It was all weird to me because I thought it was all simple and there wasn't going to be any big alarm about it at all.

It was really 'cool' from the UFC to do such a thing to make people aware of 'Pride Month "I didn't look at my cell phone at all for a few hours. I try not to be on my cell phone for a few days before the fight.

Once I looked at my cell phone I saw a lot of comments full of hatred and anger." The comments that greeted him ranged from threatening to those who didn’t really believe he was doing any of it actually for the LGBT community, but just for himself.

"This is just a UFC business move, they're only doing it for money. They don't really care about us." - is one of the comments on wearing LGBT pants. One sent him a rather bizarre message: "You support gay people, you're going to burn in hell for it!" “It was strange because I thought it was something so nonchalant, simple, minuscule,” Molina said.

“Like, dude, check out my shorts, there’s rainbow coloring on it, it’s just cool that the UFC is doing this for Pride Month. Then I didn’t look at my phone for a couple of hours — I try not to be on my phone too much for fight week — I look at my phone and the comments are split.

Actually, not really, the comments were pretty much all pretty hateful. Molina admitted that he was very upset that people are no longer open-minded when it comes to such things.

Some people applauded him for his act.

“What’s weird is I feel like I’m being appreciated for something I shouldn’t be appreciated for, if that makes sense,” Molina said.

“And I’m not trying to backtrack on anything I said, I spoke 100 percent from the heart. I meant exactly what I said. But it’s like being applauded for saying, ‘Murder is wrong.’ This should just be common: Rape is wrong.

Racism is wrong. Being hateful towards someone for who they love is wrong. And who the f*** cares at the end of the day? That’s the only thing that makes me feel weird about this whole situation. “I know I have a platform as a fighter, fighting for the UFC, for the biggest organization in the world.

But at the same time I feel weird being appreciated for something that should just be f****** common decency. Just being a human being”. - Molina concluded.